Fielding is the foundation of a great team. Stop those boundaries and take those catches? You’ve won half the battle.

A long barrier can go a long way to prevent an embarrassing fielder error and having the right stance when preparing for a catch can make all the difference.

This sequence of drills looks to help you master those fielding staples.

You Will Need:

Key Points To Consider:

  1. Always want the ball to come to you
  2. Stay low when fielding
  3. Don’t push at the ball with your hands let the ball come into your hands
  4. Stay side on when picking up the ball
  5. Watch the ball
Fielding Cricket Drill 1

Drill 1: Throwing Practice

Throw the ball at the stumps drill. Bowler and Keeper

Fielding Cricket Drill 2

Drill 2: Catching Practice

The cones will be placed like a goal and your aim is to stop the ball going through the cone but at the same time catch the ball.

Fielding Cricket Drill 3

Drill 3: Catching At Height

With this drill the key is to hit the ball as high as a coach can and let the student catch the ball. Remember to watch the ball and catch the ball with soft hands. Also keep your hands just above head high before catching the ball it will make it far easier to catch.

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