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FORZA Training Football

FORZA Training Football

Multibuy! Save up to 35%
    Training Football Football Training Ball For Clubs Best Ball For Football Training Official Size 5 Football Training Ball Best Football Training Ball Ultimate Training Football Football Training Ball For Kids
  • Training Football
  • Football Training Ball For Clubs
  • Best Ball For Football Training
  • Official Size 5 Football Training Ball
  • Best Football Training Ball
  • Ultimate Training Football
  • Football Training Ball For Kids
FORZA Training Football for all levels of the game. With an EvoGlide surface, reinforced inner bladder and strong outer layer, the brightly coloured football is perfect for practice. Size 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 available.

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High Quality Training Ball For Football Practice By All Age Groups

FORZA Training Football | Training Ball For Football Practice

Glide Through Training Sessions

Manufactured with an EvoGlide surface, this reliable training football is designed with optimum consistency and performance in mind.

High Quality Training Footballs | Football Training Equipment

Great Ball Control Training

Control the ball and control the match. Featuring an integrated foam cushioned layer, the enhanced control provided by this training football is second to none.

Size 2 Training Football | Size 5 Footballs For Training

Ultra Durable Training Football

Give it your best shot – the training ball's outer skin is designed for ultimate durability, while the reinforced inner bladder provides reliable shape retention.


FORZA Training Football – Top Quality Football Training Equipment For All Age Groups

Make each training session count with the FORZA Training Football. Designed with highly durable materials for consistent use, the heavy-duty football represents the best way to improve a variety of football skills over the course of a season. Featuring a fluorescent and visible orange design, the ball can also be used as a winter training football for low-visibility match preparations.

  • Training football available for purchase in five sizes - Size 1 training football (mini), Size 2 training football (Midi), Size 3 training football (Kids), Size 4 training football (Junior) or Size 5 training football (Senior)
  • Designed for the long haul, the tough football has a robust outer layer and reinforced inner bladder which is long-lasting
  • Enhanced first touch capabilities due to the integrated foam cushioned layer which provides high levels of comfort
  • The cutting-edge EvoGlide surface guarantees consistency and improved strength from the first kick to the last
  • As well as being suitable for use by all age groups, the training football comes in the following quantities - 1, 3 or 30

Designed in conjunction with FIFA IMS specifications, you can rest assured that this professional football training ball is of the highest quality. The multi-skill practice football can be used by players of all positions during a multitude of training drills. Ball control will be better than ever before thanks to the comfort afforded by the inner foam layer, making this the best football for training sessions and drills.

Having been manufactured with the strength and consistency to provide seasons worth of skill practice, the weatherproof football is suitable for use in all conditions. Its highly durable inner bladder is encased by a heavy-duty outer skin, which is capable of hitting the back of the net on a regular basis without becoming damaged or losing its shape and inflation.

Whether you’re looking for a junior training ball or a football for seniors, the versatile training football comes in 4 sizes to suit all age groups. Choose between size 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 footballs to best suit your needs, with the option to purchase a single ball or stock up with packs of 3 or 30. Upgrade your practice sessions with the premium quality FORZA Training Football.


FORZA Training Football Specifications


  • Size 1 – Mini
  • Size 2 – Midi
  • Size 3 – Kids
  • Size 4 – Juniors
  • Size 5 – Seniors


  • Available in packs of 1, 3 or 30

Panel Quantity

  • 32 panels


  • Orange, blue & black


  • EvoGlide surface for greater consistency
  • Highly durable outer skin and inner bladder
  • Foam cushioned layer for enhanced control


  • Designed to FIFA IMS specifications

PLEASE NOTE: Balls are delivered flat and will therefore require inflating prior to use.

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Questions & Answers

2 questions | 2 answers

I'm concerned about weight of ball when inflated. I have had bad experience with other soccer balls purchased online that felt too light (almost kickball like) when inflated. How does training ball compare to standard weights?


Hi Sami, Thank you for the question, the FORZA Training Football (2018) is designed for optimum performance, the ball is carefully designed to balance both a heavy yet light touch. The ball is designed to meet FIFA IMS specification to provide that official feel. The ball consists of 32 panels and has an EvoGlide surface for a premium feel. If you have any questions please do get in touch, Many thanks, Ryan


Just a quick question, does it come in inflated state or flaccid??


Hello Sujan, thank you very much for the enquiry. All of our FORZA footballs/soccer balls come delivered deflated and they will need pumping up before use. We have a range of ball pumps available on our site!
Many thanks,


FORZA Training Football

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FORZA Training Football

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