This drill is a great way to improve overall game play. From passing and movement, to defensive positioning and tackling, it covers them all. Don't worry about the contraints of offside or forward passing as this touch rugby drill allows freedom to to move all over the pitch and pass in any which way you like. The key is to create space and avoid being tackled.

You Will Need:

The Rules:

Mark out an area 20m x 30m with two teams of 7:

  • Start backwards Though there is no offside, the first pass must go backwards.
  • Run and pass in any direction There is total freedom in this drill to help improve movement and vision.
  • Turnover after 2 tackles If you're attacking, make sure to be clinical. Possession changes after 2 touches.
  • You score, you keep possession Once your team scores a try, simply turn around and aim to score at the other end.
Offside Touch Drill

How To Play:

  1. Touch rugby rules apply, but there is no offside
  2. Attackers start off with the ball and try to break through the defence to score a try.
  3. When attacking, the first pass of the game must go backwards. Any further passes can be in any direction.
  4. Once a try is scored, possession is still with the scorers, simply score at the opposite try line.
  5. If the defending team has made 2 touch tackles, then possession turns over.

It’s always recommended to stretch and warm-up before any training and cool down afterwards.