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Tennis Court Equipment

49 Products

  1. Sale

    Tennis Net Centre Strap [Premium Grade]

    Special Price NZ$24.99

    Regular Price: NZ$31.99

  2. Sale

    Tennis Net Centre Strap Base Weight

    Special Price NZ$77.99

    Regular Price: NZ$99.99

  3. Sale

    Tennis Centre Strap Ground Anchor Socket

    Special Price NZ$39.99

    Regular Price: NZ$50.99

  4. Sale

    Tennis Centre Strap 'M' Peg

    Special Price NZ$44.99

    Regular Price: NZ$59.99

  5. Sale

    Tennis Net Singles Sticks [Aluminium]

    Special Price NZ$129.99

    Regular Price: NZ$162.99

  6. Sale

    Tennis Net Measuring Stick

    Special Price NZ$39.99

    Regular Price: NZ$50.99

  7. Sale

    Grass Tennis Court Line Marking Pins

    Special Price NZ$29.99

    Regular Price: NZ$37.99

  8. Sale

    FORZA Tennis Court Lines

    Special Price NZ$69.99

    Regular Price: NZ$87.99

  9. Sale

    Scorecard Storage/Carry Bag

    Special Price NZ$11.99

    Regular Price: NZ$15.99

  10. Sale

    Tennis Score Tube

    Special Price NZ$99.99

    Regular Price: NZ$125.99

  11. Sale

    Tennis Post Scoreboard

    Special Price NZ$139.99

    Regular Price: NZ$175.99

  12. Sale

    Wooden Tennis Scoreboard (Freestanding)

    Special Price NZ$714.99

    Regular Price: NZ$894.99

  13. Sale

    Fence Mounted Tennis Scoreboard (Range of Sizes)

    Special Price NZ$199.99

    Regular Price: NZ$250.99

  14. Sale

    Traditional Tennis Umpire Chair [Wooden]

    Special Price NZ$1,289.99

    Regular Price: NZ$1,614.99

  15. Sale

    Tennis Umpires Chair (Championship Standard)

    Special Price NZ$4,949.99

    Regular Price: NZ$6,187.99

  16. Sale

    Tennis Umpires Chair (Tournament Standard)

    Special Price NZ$9,899.99

    Regular Price: NZ$12,375.99

Everything you can think of to give your home or club tennis court a few touches of Grand Slam class. We supply all varieties of tennis net centre strap anchors (base weights, ‘M’ pegs, or ground sockets) and tennis net measuring sticks, plus a fantastic range of umpire’s chairs and scoreboards. We guarantee a professional look for your court at the best price you’ll find.

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