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Badminton Court Lines

Badminton Court Lines

    FORZA Badminton Court Lines FORZA Badminton Court Lines FORZA Badminton Court Lines
  • FORZA Badminton Court Lines
  • FORZA Badminton Court Lines
  • FORZA Badminton Court Lines
Badminton court line markers for quick mini badminton court setup. Made from flexible but hard-wearing rubber for ultimate durability. Perfect for coaching sessions and home use.

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The Professional Way To Mark Out A Practice Badminton Court

Make Your Mark On The Court

Made from highly visible, flexible and durable orange rubber, there'll be no arguments over whether the shuttlecock was in or out with these quality lines!

Best Throw-Down Badminton Court

For quick and easy non-permanent badminton court lines, you can't get better. With 4 corners and 12 straight lines, everything you need is here.

Why Not Get The ProCourt Package?

For optimum results and performance we recommend that these lines are combined with the high quality ProCourt Mini Badminton Nets (sold separately).


Badminton Court Line Markers For Temporary Court Solutions

Perfect for temporary use, these badminton court throw down lines will clearly mark out non-permanent courts. For quick coaching sessions, the highly visible and durable court lines are an ideal training aid.

Manufactured from ultra flexible yet hard-wearing bright orange rubber, the quality of the court lines are undeniable. Comprising of 16 lines, everything you need to set up a temporary court is included.

Safety is key - the lines are pimpled on one side in order to reduce the risk of slipping on the surface. Manufactured to the highest standards, the lines will be with you for years and years as you work on your strokes.

For a truly professional set-up, these lines are perfect for use with our 10ft and 20ft ProCourt Mini Badminton nets as a quick and easy badminton training aid.



• Made from flexible yet durable orange rubber

• Pimpled on one side for slip reduction on your court playing surface


• 1 set

Set Components

• Comprises of 16 lines (4 corners and 12 straight lines)

Recommended Use

Perfect for use with 10ft & 20ft ProCourt Mini Badminton Nets as a quick set up badminton training aid

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Questions & Answers

1 question | 1 answer

How do you use this? Does anyone have a picture of how it is set up. do you just lay it on the floor or what? it seems like a cool product, but i would like to see some pics of the setup


Hello Roshan, thank you very much for the enquiry. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of it in action however, we will look into getting some done soon! Yes, you just lay it out on the floor leaving space between each piece in order to make the size of your court to your requirements, they do not all join together as the court will be far to small.
Many thanks,


Badminton Court Lines

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Badminton Court Lines

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