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    Rounders Sets [Bats, Balls, Poles, Bases & Carry Bag]

    Special Price NZ$79.99

    Regular Price: NZ$100.99

  2. Sale

    Rounders Bats [Regulation]

    Special Price NZ$14.99

    Regular Price: NZ$19.99

  3. Sale

    Rounders Match Balls [6 Pack]

    Special Price NZ$44.99

    Regular Price: NZ$56.99

  4. Sale

    Indoor Rounders Balls [6 Pack]

    Special Price NZ$34.99

    Regular Price: NZ$44.99

  5. Sale

    Rounders Base & Pole

    Special Price NZ$29.99

    Regular Price: NZ$37.99

  6. Sale

    Rounders Base

    Special Price NZ$14.99

    Regular Price: NZ$19.99

  7. Sale

    Rounders Pole

    Special Price NZ$14.99

    Regular Price: NZ$19.99

  8. Sale

    Rounders Batting Tee

    Special Price NZ$64.99

    Regular Price: NZ$81.99

  9. Sale

    Wheel Transfer Line Marking Machine - For Sports Pitches

    Special Price NZ$997.99

    Regular Price: NZ$1,239.99

  10. Sale

    Metric Measuring Wheel

    Special Price NZ$139.99

    Regular Price: NZ$175.99

Net World Sports offers all the equipment you require for a fun game of the popular team sport rounders. Our sturdy rounders bats include a rubber handle for great grip, while our packs of 6 rounders balls have stitched seams that guarantee a long life. Complete your collection with our rounders bases & rounders poles, or choose from our complete rounders sets.