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FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips

FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips

  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
  • FORZA Chamois Hockey Grips │Net World Sports
Supremely soft FORZA Chamois Grips, designed to elevate your field hockey game experience, offering unmatched comfort and a perfect, personalised grip of your hockey stick. Suitable for international and recreational hockey players. Available in a choice of 5 colours.

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chamois hockey grips


Crafted with precision from premium chamois material, this grip ensures an exceptional touch, allowing players to focus solely on their performance without any discomfort or distractions.

hockey stick grips


Featuring an excellent grip for optimal control, the grips allow you to take charge of every game. The unique texture offers a superior hold on any hockey stick, enhancing your control and precision.

field hockey accessories


With its exceptional moisture-absorbing properties, the grips are ideal for year-round use. Effective in wet conditions, the grips ensure your hands stay dry, allowing you to maintain a firm hold on the stick.



Designed by our team of experts, the FORZA Chamois Grips are suitable for year-round use by both professional and recreational field hockey players. The supremely soft grips allow players to experience the game like never before. Manufactured from premium chamois material, the grips offer a luxurious feel that sets it apart from the competition. The material allows players to focus solely on their performance, through providing a comfortable grip of the hockey stick. Maintaining a secure grip on the hockey stick has never been easier thanks to the unique texture, offering a superior hold. The improved grip enables players to improve their control of the stick and powerfully shoot with extreme precision during crucial moments. Wet conditions will no longer dampen your spirits on the field with the moisture-absorbing properties of the grips, making them suitable for using in all weather conditions. The material absorbs moisture, ensuring your hands stay dry and secure, allowing for an unwavering performance on the field. Apply the high-quality grip quickly and easily by simply wrapping it over your hockey stick handle, to create optimum thickness for your ideal personalised grip. Available in a choice of 5 highly visible colours, you can suit the accessory to your team’s colours.

  • The ultimate tool to empower players of all skill-levels with the confidence to execute moves flawlessly
  • The premium-grade polyester dampens any vibrations from ball contact, providing improved control
  • Ultra-absorbent chamois feel material provides unmatched durability and year-round use
  • Unique grip texture guarantees a secure grip, throughout the duration of your game
  • Available in a choice of colours, choose from black, red, blue, yellow, or pink



  • Length: 160cm │63in
  • Width: 2.5cm│1in

  • Chamois-feel polyester microfiber material

  • Colour options: black, red, blue, yellow, or pink
  • Designed without adhesive backing, allowing players to easily remove and reapply the grip as needed
  • Grips effectively absorb excess moisture, particularly useful in wet playing conditions, always ensuring a firm grip
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