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FORZA Water Polo Pro Match Balls [Size 3/4/5]

FORZA Water Polo Pro Match Balls [Size 3/4/5]

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Professional water polo match ball manufactured using a premium rubber & neoprene blend for the elite level of the game. Its high-visibility triple-colour cover with buffed finish boasts Grip+ Technology which ensures a soft feel & outstanding control in wet conditions, conforming to FINA & Olympic standards. Waterproof & chlorine-resistant for consistent performance all year round.

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Premium FORZA Water Polo Pro Match Ball In Official Sizes

Water polo ball size 4

Ultimate Game-Quality Ball

This professional water polo ball was designed for durability & longevity, boasting a hand-buffed rubber & neoprene composition that meets FINA & Olympic standards across all 3x sizes.

Best water polo ball

Wet Weather Grip+ Technology

Engineered using Wet Weather Grip+ Technology with an innovative grooved design, the FORZA water polo game ball ensures unparalleled grip & a soft feel by reacting with water.

Official water polo ball

Elite Construction

Built with premium materials, the ball features a blend of rubber & neoprene materials, the latter providing a waterproof seal, ensuring prolonged pool use & peak performance.


Professional Grade Water Polo Match Balls For All Ages

The FORZA Water Polo Pro Match Ball is expertly engineered for professional-level matches, school tournaments, and official competitions. Featuring a premium blend of rubber and neoprene on the outer casing, the water polo game ball offers a soft and tacky feel, enhanced by the water-reactant Grip+ Technology. With a high-visibility Blue, Pink & Yellow design and a hand-buffed finish featuring innovative grooves, it ensures better sensitivity and improved grip, aiding in accurate shooting and passing. The nylon wound carcass on the internal bladder is designed for prolonged ball shape retention. Conforming to FINA and Olympic standards, its durable construction guarantees 100% waterproof properties, resistance to chlorine, and longevity, even with repeated impacts against metal water polo goals or pool edges. Meeting the official standards for junior and adult teams, the Pro Match Balls can be purchased in sizes 3, 4, and 5, either individually or in game-ready packs of 5x, making them the ultimate choice for water polo teams & sports centres.

  • The Olympic-grade ball for professional water polo matches, tournaments & competitive games
  • Hard-wearing & 100% waterproof ball, designed for repetitive use in chlorinated water
  • Premium construction with a rubber & neoprene cover for a soft & grippy feel
  • Wet Weather Grip+ Technology & wider channels ensure enhanced ball control
  • Available in 3x sizes that meet official ball specifications & can be purchased individually or in packs of 5

FORZA Water Polo Pro Match Ball Specifications



  • Size 5: 680mm-710mm | 26.8in-28in
  • Size 4: 650mm-670mm | 25.5in-26.4in
  • Size 3: 580mm-610mm | 22.8in-24in


  • Size 5: 400-450g | 14-16oz
  • Size 4: 400-450g | 14-16oz
  • Size 3: 350-390g | 12.5-14oz


  • Outer: Premium rubber & neoprene blend for a 100% waterproof match ball
  • Nylon wound carcass on the internal bladder for maximum ball shape retention


  • Olympic-quality water polo balls for professional games & school championships
  • Built with premium materials for durability & unrivalled performance
  • Features a hand-buffed finish with Grip+ Technology for better sensitivity
  • Conforms to FINA & Olympic water polo ball specifications across all sizes
  • Size 5 - Official size & weight, suitable for male adults aged 16+ (FINA Standards)
  • Size 4 - Official size & weight, suitable for women & boys aged 12–16 (FINA Standards)
  • Size 3 - Intermediate size ball, suitable for girls aged 11–13 & boys aged 11–12
  • Slightly wider channels than on a regular match ball for improved grip
  • Available in packs of 1 & 5 balls
  • Colour: Blue, Pink & Yellow
  • Designed for use in chlorinated water
  • Requires inflation before use
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