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19mm Heavy Duty Bird Netting (Sparrow)

19mm Heavy Duty Bird Netting (Sparrow)

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  • 19mm Heavy Duty Sparrow Bird Netting
  • 19mm Sparrow Bird Netting for Garden
  • 19mm Heavy Duty Sparrow Bird Netting
  • 19mm Sparrow Bird Netting for Garden
19mm (3/4") mesh sparrow netting with 1mm thick twine. Gives any garden or industrial site 100% protection from infestation of sparrows. Extra strength.

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High Quality Bird Netting for 100% Protection from Sparrow Infestation

This ultra-strength polyethylene netting is the highest standard bird netting available. Ideal for use as garden netting or as a bird barrier for your industrial site, this mesh netting will keep birds as small as sparrows out all year round for up to 20 years.

This type of netting is often used on various buildings and structures to exclude small birds. This is not only due to it being highly effective, but also because it is subtle in appearance and can blend into both rural and urban surroundings without changing the aesthetics of a building or plot of land.

UV light stabilised and 100% waterproof, this bird exclusion netting will control those pests and act as a deterrent all year round. The black netting is resistant to even the highest intensity of direct sunlight, and the heavy duty knotted twine has a 15kg break threshold.

Not only will this high-density polyethylene netting keep those pesky sparrows away from your crops, but this versatile netting can also be used to stop balls going where they shouldn’t in the garden or playing fields.

Available in 7ft (2.1m), 12ft (3.7m), 15ft (4.6m), 25ft (7.6m) and 50ft (15.2m) heights, this anti-bird netting will give you back control.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order value applies.



  • Available net heights: 7ft (2.1m), 12ft (3.7m), 15ft (4.6m), 25ft (7.6m) and 50ft (15.2m)
  • Twine thickness: 1mm
  • Mesh size: 19mm (3/4")


  • High density, extra strength polyethylene with a 15kg break threshold
  • UV Light Stabilised to withstand direct sunlight of any intensity
  • 100% waterproof
  • Non-stretch and highly resistant to chemical exposure


  • Colour: Black
  • Designed specifically to prevent sparrow infestation
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Questions & Answers

2 questions | 2 answers

Give give the height as 25ft on your web site but nowhere does it say the width? Can you tell us the width also? we can then choose the length from there.


Hi David, thank you very much for the enquiry, Once you select the height, there should be a box below that allows you to input whatever length you require.
Many thanks,


Hi What is the height


Hi Angela, thanks for getting in touch. You can choose the height and length you require by filling in the necessary drop down boxes. We have heights available in 4.6m, 7.6m or 15.2m and can cut the length to any requirements. For example, if you required a piece 4.6m x 10m you would choose 'M' (metres) in the Unit box, select the height as '4.6' and then enter '10' in the Length box. I hope this all makes sense. For custom sized netting please contact Many thanks, Adam


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